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  • Connect to your inner strength.

    Find healing and hope.


    At some point, we all need some help with living.

    But when a solution seems out of reach, by a little or by a mile, there is help.

    Therapy with a trusted professional offers relief, hope, transformation, and freedom from a life that seems forever unhappy.

    Your deepest struggles will produce your greatest strengths.

    Every love lost, every love found, every birth and every death carry the potential of difficulty that can lead to dark days – – or to transformation and a new level of understanding.

    Every move to a new job or city, every betrayal, every bereavement can shut doors or open them to a new you.

    Every struggle that forces you to re-evaluate your thinking, behavior, or perspective holds the possibility for insight and growth.

    So perhaps you’ve had a major life transition. Or a trauma. Or an accumulation of life punches that have become overwhelming.

    The bottom line is, something in your life has become unmanageable, even painful.

    You want a solution. Relief. But you don’t know how to make that happen on your own.

    Don’t struggle alone. I can help.

    As an experienced, compassionate therapist, I can offer hope and a starting point to the transformation you’ve been looking for.

    I can help you forge a new path out of your troubles today to a better life tomorrow. If you are ready to work on your new path, it’s time to start.

    Contact me for a 20 minute, no-obligation consultation.

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    Hi, I’m Susan.

    The journey of psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery establishing balance and creating harmony in our lives. As with any process of growth and change, a journey can be confusing and painful, but it brings opportunities to develop confidence, perspective, and a new way of being in our world.

    My job as a therapist is to accompany you on your journey, without judgment or prejudice, and get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

    Our work together can lead to healing and a life you never imagined was possible. Call for an initial consultation and get help for the journey.