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    Therapy is about you and your hopes for change.

    It focuses on your needs, goals, and dreams for your life.

    If you desire a better life, better relationships, more balance, or greater purpose, then therapy can benefit you.

    Therapy is for all who are struggling with life circumstances, past or present.

    If you’re considering therapy, you’re likely in some sort of emotional pain – hoping for solutions and relief.

    You’re in good company.

    Pain and suffering are a natural part of life.

    The pain may range from mild to severe. But no one gets to escape it entirely.

    Everyone goes through major life transitions. We change marital status, become a parent, lose a loved one, get ill, switch jobs, win the lottery, etc.

    These changes cause many of us to struggle with a variety of issues, such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, feelings of isolation and rejection, grief and mourning, or spiritual conflicts.

    Unfortunately, too many struggle on their own and don’t find the relief they desire.

    If any of this resonates with you, then you’re fully human.

    I invite you to seek help from an understanding professional, trained to deal with human problems. I offer guidance, skill-building, and support as you do some of the most important work of your life.

    About Me

    I delight in helping others develop skills, find hope, and face life challenges. I am honored by each client’s courage to enter a therapeutic relationship with me.

    Here are a few other things you need to know about me:

    • Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy at Samford University.
    • Earned both a Master’s and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Tech.
    • Licensed to practice as a Psychologist and as a Pharmacist in Tennessee.

    I’m in full-time private practice in Nashville with adults, ranging from age 18 through the elder years.

    I work with individuals presenting a wide array of challenges, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, divorce, relationship difficulties, affair recovery, illness, grief, and bereavement.

    Therapy with me is collaborative, conversational, and practical.

    I educate and encourage, coach and cajole, nurture and nudge, to help you find the relief and transformation you desire.

    I’m also a licensed pharmacist. So, I’m uniquely positioned to understand medical illness and how it impacts mental and emotional health, and vice versa.

    I’m comfortable interacting with my clients’ physicians, when appropriate. I embrace the opportunity to be part of a health care team.

    Unlike many health care professionals, I’m also trained to effectively discuss end-of-life issues, as needed, for a client, or someone close to them.

    Pain knocks on everyone’s door.

    Mine included. So, like you, I’ve had my own encounters with fear and heartbreak.

    These days I try to face hurt squarely. Because I’ve learned when I run from pain, I bypass opportunity for growth and grace.

    I want to be a person who creates more space for grace, gratitude, and joy in my own life. I want this for you too.