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    Couples Therapy for One

    Helping two, sometimes, just needs one.

    Often, within troubled couples, one partner is more motivated to work on the relationship than the other.

    Rather than drag an unmotivated partner to therapy, the motivated party is usually better off working on the relationship alone.

    I call it “couples therapy for one”.

    This gives that willing partner the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the situation, look at ways to potentially bring the other into therapy, and develop a plan even if they don’t.

    Yes, you can learn to adjust your side of the equation.

    Turn feelings of loss, failure, or frustration into positive life-building energy. Gain insights and skills that may significantly alter the nature and fate of your derailed relationship.

    Or, as you examine your own feelings, triggers, boundaries, and needs, you might find the clarity and courage to leave a truly damaging relationship.

    In either case, you win!

    In therapy, you identify your unique needs, dreams, and hopes.

    You learn skills you can use in your current relationship – or the next one. You open yourself to a richer, fuller, and more complete life.

    Start your new path. I’m here to help.

    Call for a 15-minute, no-obligation conversation about how we might work together on your brighter tomorrow.