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    Some of us are born smiling.

    But many have to work at it. An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from depression, in any given year.

    If you’re in that number, don’t give up (which is exactly what depression is telling you to do).

    You can feel happy again.

    Depression is highly treatable.

    If you don’t get help for your depression, it can last a lifetime. Why put up with that?!

    You feel “blah and empty”, “down and blue”, irritable, discouraged, helpless, hopeless of feeling better. You blame yourself for having these feelings.

    They interfere with activities of daily living – like work, eating, sleeping. You can become so overwhelmed or exhausted that you stop participating in some activities – like socializing with family and friends.

    In the most severe case, you may wish to die.

    It’s tempting to give up.

    You’ve waited for things to get better, or tried to “fake it til you make it”, even taken medication. Still, there’s no relief.

    But don’t give up.

    With the right help, you can learn new techniques, un-learn old destructive habits, and change your mood.

    Don’t struggle needlessly.

    You can be happier. Therapy can help.

    Most often, depression is a reaction to a stressful life circumstance. It’s a signal that some aspects of your life are out of balance.

    Any significant transition or major life stress can upset your “life balance”, and help bring about depression: changing marital status, becoming a parent, getting sick, losing a loved one or a pet, winning the lottery, experiencing some sort of criticism or rejection, are just a few.

    Ask for relief and recovery.

    There’s no Depression On/Off switch in your brain.

    You can’t just “snap” out of it.

    You need knowledgeable, experienced help to modify your self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns.

    I know how to help you re-balance your life.

    I have more than 20 years’ experience helping depressed people learn the practices that lead to relief and happiness.

    I’ve seen that change over and over again.

    I will partner with you to pinpoint the life problems that contribute to your depression. Together we’ll identify options for the future and set realistic goals that enhance and transform your life.

    I will teach you to identify distorted thinking patterns that lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. You’ll become more hopeful, realistic, and confident.

    I will help you understand and improve patterns of interacting with other people that cause problems and contribute to depression. Boundaries will become healthier. Relationships will be more rewarding.

    I will come along side you, and help you see choices that lead to more control, pleasure, and satisfaction in life.

    I offer the rare combination of credentials, as a Psychologist and a Pharmacist.

    I can offer powerful psychotherapy and, if needed, I can work with your existing medical team to explore successful drug interventions.

    Let’s get started.

    Starting with your first appointment, I’ll listen to your personal history and specific concerns. This could unfold over more than one session.

    We’ll talk about your specific situation, how long you’ve been struggling, and what your life would be like if depression weren’t holding you back.

    Then, we’ll devise a treatment plan to help you live your best joyful life.

    The first step is yours.

    Release depression’s control over your life. Don’t let it highjack your recovery!

    Start on your path to JOY.

    Call me for a free 15-minute consultation.