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    Put yourself first, for a change.

    In individual therapy, you’re the most important person in the room.

    You’re in distress, struggling with emotional pain, not knowing how to resolve it by yourself.

    Therapy offers hope for a positive transformation that can impact the rest of your life.

    There’s no right or wrong topic that can be covered in individual therapy.

    Therapy can help:

    • reduce the worrisome symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, sorrow, flashbacks, shame, guilt, anger
    • grieve appropriately, honoring and releasing the pain of loss, separation, divorce, neglect, abuse, abandonment
    • quiet the inner critic voices that lead to worry, fear, discouragement, and despair
    • establish healthy boundaries so you can have better relationships at home and at work
    • bolster your capacity to bounce back from Life’s hard knocks
    • regain emotional balance
    • develop a compassionate, loving relationship with yourself
    • find greater clarity about your purpose and direction in life

    This experience is just for you.

    When we meet, I’ll carefully listen to your reasons for starting therapy and your hopes for a better life.

    I won’t just listen and nod. We’ll have an active conversation.

    Together, we’ll clarify your goals, agree to them, and co-create a road map.

    I’ve had extensive training in many therapeutic methods and use an integrated approach which addresses all aspects of an individual: cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual.

    I’ll share my expertise and compassion to help you change the way you currently experience life.

    I’ll challenge you to consider new ways of thinking and behaving.

    After all, change is seldom easy. But, you’re not alone.

    I’ll support you through the hard parts. I’ve done this for hundreds of people who need to move past a tough place in their lives.

    And, as your skills and confidence grow, I’ll celebrate victories with you.

    Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
    Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

    Therapy is not just sitting and listening.

    Be ready to take everything you experience and learn in our sessions back into your daily life, and vice versa.

    This process will help you build a more effective way of interacting in your world, even when your world can’t or won’t change.

    Within you is the capacity for change and growth. Couple that with a willingness to do the work of therapy, and you make transformation possible.

    Let’s build the life you want to live!

    To explore how we might work together, call for a free 15-minute conversation.