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    The unknown is scary.

    Receiving a diagnosis of life-threatening or chronic illness can have a profound impact on you and your family. You can become overwhelmed by all the things you have to consider.

    At first, your diagnosis triggers a myriad of questions.

    You worry about how your illness will impact your life-span, mobility, body image, work and finances, and other quality of life considerations.

    You ponder the impact on children or other family.

    You have critical medical decisions to make. Plus, you have to deal with the whole medical industrial complex.

    How will I get through the next few weeks and months?

    Loved ones try to be supportive, but sometimes they may miss the mark. They’re likely scared, too. You feel guilty for upsetting their world.

    If you’re at a later stage in your illness, having gone through some treatment, your perspective may have begun to shift from simply surviving your circumstance to thriving within your circumstance.

    You want to focus on making the most of every single day of your precious life.

    Psychotherapy can help you discover what that will mean for you.

    I’ve supported individuals and their families through their journey with illness, at all stages – from diagnosis, through treatment, post-treatment, maintenance, advanced illness, and end-of-life.

    As a Pharmacist, and a Psychologist, I’m uniquely positioned to understand medical illness and how it impacts mental and emotional health, and vice versa.

    If necessary, I’ll interact with your physicians. I embrace the opportunity to be part of your health care team, at every stage of your illness.

    I’m committed to helping you navigate the challenges your condition imposes on your life.

    If your illness requires you to make lifestyle changes, I’ll assist with that. I’ll help you explore how to live as fully as you can under your changing circumstances.

    Contact me to talk more about how I can help you, and your loved ones.